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  • Can I come to the happy hour without booking headshots?
    YES! This is a networking event for local professionals, entreprenuers and young business owners. Come, have a glass of wine and network! (p.s. bring your business cards!)
  • Can I register for headshots at the event?
    Headshot sessions are prioritized to everyone who pre-registers. If there are any cancellations or openings the day of the event, then the answer is yes! If you register for headshots on the day of the event, the price is $129 (Pre-registered is $99)
  • What is included in the mini-photoshoot?
    Your headshot session is private and will be held in a different room than the networking event. When you arrive, you will be able to choose from 3 different backgrounds to complement your brand. After the event, you will receive 3 professionally edited, high-resolution headshots.
  • Do I need to reserve a time slot for my mini-photoshoot?
    No need, the headshot sessions will be first come, first served. The event is from 6-8pm which helps everyone with different work schedules have enough time to make it. As soon as you arrive, your name will be added to a list and we will let you know when your session will begin. In the meantime, have a glass of wine and network!
  • Is the mini-photoshoot private or in front of everyone?
    Totally private! Your headshot session will be held in an adjoining room to the Networking Event. This helps you feel comfortable and helps the photographer focus on making sure you are pictured in your best possible light!
  • How long is the actual mini-photoshoot?
    Keep in mind this isn't a full photoshoot - most sessions take anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
  • What do I wear for my mini-photoshoot?
    Wear whatever you'd like to represent your brand or business in the best light! Everyone is different and some people may wear a suit and others may wear something more casual. This is YOUR mini-photoshoot!
  • How quickly will I receive my headshots?
    Most people start receving their finalized, professionally edited headshots within a few days after the event; however, the maximum turn around time is 2 weeks.
  • Will I own my headshots?
    They're all yours! Headshots + Happy Hour may like to feature your images from the event on our website, social media or for future promotions. However, we realize not everyone will want to do that - and that's okay!
  • Do you offer private headshot sessions or individual photoshoots?
    Yes, if you'd like a quote or more information on booking an individual photoshoot outside of the Headshots + Happy Hour event, please email Marc (
  • Do you offer corporate/group photoshoots?
    Yes; however, this event is for individual headshots. If you would like a quote or more information on booking a private, full-serviced photoshoot for your company or group, please email Marc (
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